One Last Time

As I pack my bag

I only ask

That you say

You love me


I won’t stay

Tomorrow will be too late

I’ll leave

I’m not that naive


I won’t come back

So please, I beg

Won’t you tell me you love me

One last time




Yesterday you told me

That you love me.

You gave me a rose;

As long as it grows

Our love will too.

But you knew.

As all roses wither,

Love dies quicker.


In that cruel world

The shadows twirled.


They danced around

Stomping the ground.

Their laughter, taunting.

Their faces, haunting.

But their eyes;

Images of paradise.






The dark angel

With raven wings

That cut deep into my sins


The bright angel

With the porcelain wings

That flutter when the wind sings


The prince calls

The crow falls


The opened gates

Await our fates

The fallen skies

All evil pulverize





The planned city

Looked upon with such pity


The city of illusion

Beautiful persecution


The city of glass

Sky of brass


The city of green

Smeared with kerosene


The city of diversity

Filled with such perversity


I can escape

With blame

There is no shame


After all these years

I realized

My life is a lie


My brain I sedate

And the final goodbye

A simple lullaby

In Quiet Rooms

Your eyes are what I remember most

Those warm, happy eyes

That drowned in lies


Your laughter echoes around in my thoughts

That contagious laughter

That ended up in disaster


In quiet rooms we talked

Our words dimming in silence

Like deposed tyrants

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