The dark angel

With raven wings

That cut deep into my sins


The bright angel

With the porcelain wings

That flutter when the wind sings


The prince calls

The crow falls


The opened gates

Await our fates

The fallen skies

All evil pulverize





The planned city

Looked upon with such pity


The city of illusion

Beautiful persecution


The city of glass

Sky of brass


The city of green

Smeared with kerosene


The city of diversity

Filled with such perversity


I can escape

With blame

There is no shame


After all these years

I realized

My life is a lie


My brain I sedate

And the final goodbye

A simple lullaby

In Quiet Rooms

Your eyes are what I remember most

Those warm, happy eyes

That drowned in lies


Your laughter echoes around in my thoughts

That contagious laughter

That ended up in disaster


In quiet rooms we talked

Our words dimming in silence

Like deposed tyrants

Crimson Snow

The girl

Dressed in red

The sweetest person the town ever had

Her mother once asked

For her to go to her grandmother’s shed

“Don’t go into the forest, it is dangerous.”

She said.

Snow was falling, but still, the girl went

She walked and walked,

but in the end she got lost

She found a man with an alluring scent  

Before she could utter a single word,

she slipped on the frost

He helped her, saying,

“Why are you walking in the forest?

It’s snowing!”

The girl explained where she was going

So the man smiled, nodding

And led her through the forest,

with the girl following

The man disappeared

And never once reappeared

That was what the girl thought

Little did she know of the wolf’s plot

As she got in the shed,

For her grandmother she asked

But what she found instead

Was the woman dead

The girl fell to her knees and cried

She heard a noise and looked back,

wide eyed

She saw a wolf walking inside

She knew she couldn’t run,

so she sat and cried

As the wolf walked closer

She felt the air getting colder

The last sound she heard

“You should’ve listened to your mother”

Then her life was over


While you stop and wait

I walk and invade

As you speak “wait”

I do not behave

I don’t know why you insist in delaying

I want you to speak;

I’m waiting

My words feel like nothing

Because you’re not coming

You wait alone

In your home

As you wait

For me to say

That I’m afraid

Afraid of love

Afraid of hope

For humanity does not have both

How can a person be so sad,

So sullen,

But not bad

There are no words to describe how I felt

At the moment you called for help

Constellations of Bloody Stars

The man with the yellow coat

With the silver knife sticking out of his throat

Could have easily changed his destiny

If he had not been bamboozled

By the man with the dark bumbershoot

And the green rubber boot.

His bloodlust,

Swimming so hard in his veins

His hands in chains.

The sirens blaring

His sight glaring.

The whites of his eyes

Now the color of the boots he was wearing

This man

Famous for writing bibliographies

And biographies

Was now a convict

Blood addict

As his boots he kicked


I smile as I see you

Your face,

A perfect image of my future

But as I watch you go

My heart shatters

As you leave

I weep

As you leave

I scream

As you leave

I stay.

I look away as you walk

Your face,

A perfect image of my depression

But as I watch you go

My heart shatters

As you leave

I weep

As you leave

I scream

As you leave

I stay

Please leave

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